Cynthia Hooper|Home|Interdisciplinary Projects|The Cummings Road Landfill Project (2004)

This video portrait of my community’s largest collectively constructed entity reveals the many compelling sights and sounds of this misunderstood yet eerily arresting site. The video features a reflective and subtle typological inventory of this site’s complex mechanical infrastructure and mysterious subterranean activities, and (with the support of the Gunk Foundation) was exhibited in a warehouse at the landfill site. Twice daily walking tours of the landfill by its manager Mark Springman accompanied the exhibition.

View of Warehouse (Video Installation Inside)

Cynthia Hooper Explains the Project

Video Installation View (Drainage Infrastructure)

Video Installation View (Leachate Well)

Video Installation View (Methane Gas)

Mark Springman Explains the Methane Flare's Apparatus

The Methane Burns at a Dramatic 1500 Degrees!

Mark Springman Describes the Gas Extraction System

Video Clip: Pumping Gas

Video Clip: Leachate Well

Video Clip: Spouting Well

Aerial View of the Landfill

Link to the Landfill Video

Link to the Gunk Foundation